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This battered soul was originally saved by Eldad Hagar
- Hope for Paws -
and Annie Hart

Theo, a nameless, homeless street dog who an entire neighborhood knew was living in their area, under a garbage trailer, was finally captured by Eldad & Annie, in such horrific shape.

When Theo became a Mutt Scout his transformation was more than just the physical. Theo had emotionally given up. He tried to hide and disappear. He was shaking, sickly and refused to eat.

Then something happened.

Something no one could plan.

Theo met some much bigger Pit mixes that took him under their wing, and helped him understand that the life he once knew was gone.

...and that everything forward is a celebration, and that kindness, affection, and security were something he could TRUST. And that being WANTED is something new he will now wake up to every day.

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Thank YOU.

Thanks Eldad & Annie, for the work that you do, and for partnering with the Scouts on these very special kids, like our boy Theo. We are so excited for his future, and for the lucky family that will ADOPT him into a cherished life.

Theo Update:

Giant Thanks for your encouragement and interest in sweet Theo.
As a Los Angeles based rescue that remains arm’s-length advocates for our beloved rescues and their adoptive families, we will only be able to facilitate Theo’s future home around the LA County area, allowing us to be hands-on and commit lifetime to our pups and their families.
There are THOUSANDS of Theo’s out there in shelters and rescues in your area, waiting for you to lift them up, learn their story, and share all the LOVE you have to offer. & are two great places to start looking for your new family member TODAY.
Thank You for choosing to Adopt.



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