The Mutt Scouts is a 501(c3) Non-profit dog rescue, based in Los Angeles. We are not Breed specific – We are Need specific. The Mutt Scouts are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding the right-fit homes for scores of brilliant dogs who – for a variety of devastating reasons – find themselves homeless, discarded, or abused. With a soft spot for special-needs souls, we rescue those who others cannot rescue. We have taken in dogs from severe hoarding situations, and consistently pull dogs from further reaching high-kill shelters, whose time, sadly, has run out.

These are all animals who have SO much love to give, and just need skilled advocates to save them and see them onto their next, finest chapter. Since formation, our team has helped thousands of beautiful dogs find their new families; In turn, our Scouts have helped an equal number of human families find their new finest friend.

Most recently, our Team located a nameless, homeless, starving, and paralyzed dog across the Mexico border, and quickly assembled a network to cross him to us. Having succeeded in bringing THOR back from his many life-threatening illnesses, we are now focused on his rehabilitation. THOR has sparked a frenzy following, and now has a legion of fans and followers through social media. We hope you feel compelled to share our journey with THOR, who is an exceptional example of the tenacious, spirited, and resilient nature of man’s true best friend. A reminder that FORWARD is the only place to head. Thank you.